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Johnson Space Center

Human Research

The Human Research Program (HRP) investigates and mitigates the highest risks to astronaut health and performance in exploration missions. The goal of the HRP is to provide human health and performance countermeasures, knowledge, technologies, and tools to enable safe, reliable, and productive human space exploration, and to ensure safe and productive human spaceflight. The scope of these goals includes both the successful completion of exploration missions and the preservation of astronaut health over the life of the astronaut.
The Human Research Roadmap ( is a web-based document that allows users to search HRP risks, gaps, and tasks.

HRP is interested in the following three areas:
• Computational Models of Cephalad Fluid Shifts;
• Maintenance and Regulation of Team Function and Performance over Extended Durations; and
• Development of Safety and Efficiency Metrics for Human-Automation Systems
More details and background information on all three topics can be found by referring to the research in this area: "{D8EE1DA1-4B12-2EBE-49D3-85939C4FEC45}&path=init"