Research Symposium

The 2024 Symposium will be hosted by University of Alaska Fairbanks and will take place in Fairbanks, Alaska on March 29.https://spacegrant.alaska.edu/symposium


Mailing Address:Alaska NASA EPSCoRUniversity of Alaska FairbanksEngineering Learning and Innovation Facility 1381760 Tanana LoopPO BOX 755919Fairbanks, Alaska 99775Phone: (907) 474-6833Email: uaf-spacegrant@alaska.edu Denise Thorsen, Directordlthorsen@alaska.eduPh: (907) 978-6022 Charles Emerson, Program Coordinatoruaf-spacegrant@alaska.eduPhone: (907) 474-6833

About Alaska EPSCoR Program

Spanning the northern arctic and subarctic regions, Alaska is strategically located to support NASA missions across all directorates. Alaska is home to several satellite tracking stations which track and download data from commercial and scientific satellites. Alaska owns and operates the Kodiak Launch Complex, a facility capable of launching scientific and commercial payloads to orbit. …

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