RID Travel Grant

2010 Travel Awards

Anthony Arendt, Associate Professor, UAF Travel supported two collaborations with NASA centers; Compton Tucker and NASA MODIS team, Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC); Dorothy Hall, MODIS snow cover products team, NASA GSFC

2011 Travel Awards

Debendra Das, Professor, UAF For travel to a NASA lead workshop on Thermal and Fluids Analysis where D. Das presented a paper. Cheng-fu Chen, Professor, UAF For travel to present at the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program Electronic Technology Workshop (ETW).

2017 Travel Awards

Andrew Metzger, Associate Professor, UAA Attend the NASA EPSCoR Meeting in Houston, Texas on June 14-15, 2017

NASA EPSCoR Directors National Meeting

2017 Meeting (Houston) Agenda PDF ISS Capabilities & Opportunities George Nelson PDF Next Generation Lithium Sulfur Batteries for Mission Enabling Energy Storage Systems Dr. Steve W. Martin PDF Wireless Leak Detection Dr. Ali Abedi PDF Increased EVA astronaut protection with a low volatility oil-based STF-ArmorTM treated TMG Dr. Maria Katzarova PDF Grant Administration Overview Libby …

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RID Travel Grants

Travel Grants Travel grants are available to form collaborations with NASA. These can be through a Technical Interchange Meetings or other collaborative work meetings. Apply for a travel grant by emailing NASA EPSCoR Program office (uaf-spacegrant@alaska.edu) the following: Please put: AK NASA EPSCOR TRAVEL REQUEST in the subject line. Application Deadline: Ongoing

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