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Armstrong Flight Research Center, (AFRC)

POC: Oscar Murillo

  • Autonomy (Collision Avoidance, Separation assurance, formation flight, peak seeking control) (POC: Jack Ryan, AFRC-RC)
  • Adaptive Control (POC: Curt Hanson, AFRC-RC)
  • Hybrid Electric Propulsion (POC: Starr Ginn, AFRC-R)
  • Control of Flexible Structures using distributed sensor feedback (POC: Marty Brenner, AFRC-RS; Peter Suh, AFRC-RC)
  • Supersonic Research (Boom mitigation and measurement) (POC: Ed Haering, AFRC-RA)
  • Supersonic Research (Laminar Flow) (POC: Dan Banks, AFRC-RA)
  • Environmental Responsive Aviation (POC: Mark Mangelsdorf, AFRC-RS)
  • Hypersonic Structures & Sensors (POC: Larry Hudson, AFRC-RS)
  • Large Scale Technology Flight Demonstrations (Towed Glider) (POC: Steve Jacobson, AFRC-RC)
  • Aerodynamics and Lift Distribution Optimization to Reduce Induced Drag (POC: Al Bowers, AFRC-R)