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Glenn Research Center (GRC)

POC: Mark David Kankam, Ph.D.

Research and technology, and engineering engagements comprise including:

  • Acoustics
  • Advanced Energy (Renewable Wind and Solar, Coal Energy and Alternative Energy)
  • Advanced Microwave Communications
  • Aeronautical and Space Systems Analysis
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Electric (Ion) Propulsion
  • Icing and Cryogenic Systems
  • Instrumentation, Controls and Electronics
  • Fluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Turbomachinery
  • Materials and Structures, including Mechanical Components and Lubrication
  • Microgravity Fluid Physics, Combustion Phenomena and Bioengineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Photovoltaics, Electrochemistry-Physics, and Thermal Energy Conversion
  • Propulsion System Aerodynamics
  • Space Power Generation, Storage, Distribution and Management
  • Systems Engineering

The above engagement areas relate to the following key GRC competencies:

  • Air-Breathing Propulsion
  • Communications Technology and Development
  • In-Space Propulsion & Cryogenic Fluids Management
  • Power, Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Materials and Structures for Extreme Environment
  • Physical Sciences and Biomedical Technologies in Space